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How Technology Success Partners Transform your Business!

Nov 27, 2023 | IT Services

In a digital world, Technology Success Partners (TSPs) are essential. As an evolution of managed service Partners, they’re the industry’s answer to better business processes, productivity and strategy.

So, what sets an IT Managed Service Provider (MSP) apart from a Technology Success Partner?

By leveraging technology and aligning it with an organization’s vision and goals, a TSP becomes an integral part of a business’s success.

Stradiant is leading the charge in this arena. By offering a world-class TSP that focuses on partnership first and foremost, it highlights ways an organization can work more strategically. As a result, it consults on budgeting, planning and road mapping of those services.

How Technology Success Partners streamline business processes

Technology is evolving. Advanced fields like robotics, artificial intelligence and computer vision are all changing the way we work. As a result, how we collate, access, and handle data plays a huge part in how we streamline processes. This is seen in the rise of remote working. Technology needs to adapt to the changing needs of remote- workers. It needs to offer solutions that improve customer service and modernize business processes such as sales, marketing, and human resources from the safety of our front-rooms.

The information revolution is set to continue. Therefore, by aligning yourself with a Technology Partner to help you navigate the changing tides, you not only stay ahead of the curve, but your tech-savvy credentials become a major selling point. In short, it shows initiative and a willingness to adapt. Clients, customers and stakeholders want to work with companies who are responsible, technologically minded, and computer literate.


Technology Success Partners increase productivity

Technology Success Partners enable the use of technology to improve productivity in several ways. Choosing a service partner like Stradiantmeans choosing world-class IT support that helps you enhance and transform your technology.

A technology success Partner increases efficiency by:

  • Being proactive instead of reactive. Not waiting for something bad to happen
  • Find technical risk or pain before it finds you!
  • Focusing on Standards and Best Practices

In order to reap the rewards of a technology success Partner, the TSP and client organization need to work together. Consequently, by establishing an open form of communication, it enables a collaborative partnership that helps identify skills and resource gaps, where to allocate project resources, and how best to apply processes across your entire organization.

Greater return on investment 

In practice, this means any Technology Success Partner you enter into should pay for themselves. Increased productivity means greater return on investment, and by improving your technology and processes, you streamline the way you work and the way your business operates.

For that reason, resource planning is a major benefit of Technology Success Partners. In order to do your best work, both you and your Technology Success Partner need access to relevant content, data and other important resources. (These can be roadmaps, plans, specifications etc.) A Technology Success Partner will then create a central depository of resources that everyone can access; one that’s version- controlled to improve how resources are managed.

Furthermore, your TSP will strategize organizational benchmarks and set goals for every project. This is to track positive progress and ensure everything stays on track. It’s also a great way to document best practice and share learning to improve outcomes going forward.

5 reasons your business strategy needs to include a Technology Success Partner

Now you know how Technology Success Partners streamline processes and increase productivity. Let’s take a look at the top five reasons you need to onboard a world-class technology success Partner.

Collaborative and communicative 

The difference between most Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and a Technology Success Partner (TSP) is the way they collaborate. Instead of a hands-off approach that some MSPs prefer, technology success partnerships want to work with you to achieve your organizational goals.

This requires a high level of communication and a systemized collaboration process. It includes understanding each other’s working styles, identifying resource gaps, allocating appropriate solutions, and applying processes across all projects and partnerships.

Also, this level of organization results in streamlined and productive technology that increases efficiency and – most of all – peace of mind!

Flexible and intuitive

A healthy working partnership means collaboration. However, it also means flexibility. Technology Success Partners are about combining their expertise with the goals of your organization, which means leveraging technology to achieve the desired results. For example, if one of your goals is to increase profits, then a TSP can look at ways to improve or adapt your technology, so it helps to improve your bottom line.

It’s also important that when a project is underway, your TSP is able to adapt and modify its offer to meet any changing needs. So, whether you’re looking for a hands- on, hands-off, remotely managed or in-house support, TSPs offer flexible, bespoke support to suit your needs.

Organized and established

Project governance is an essential process. For this reason, it’s one that needs to be prioritized first. Therefore, before a project begins, you and your TSP need to sit down and discuss its execution. This includes working out the organizational structure, hierarchy, and communication process that’s needed to ensure everyone is on the same page.

Consequently, understanding who does what, who the decision-makers are, and who is needed at each stage of the project means no one’s time gets wasted. Hence why your technology success partner will create a process that sets out what information is important to who. This includes what decisions or input is required from executives and at what stage of the project they’re needed.

Transparent and open 

When it comes to strategy, transparency is key. Entering into technology success partnerships means relevant partners help strategize, design, plan and feedback on projects. As a result of this partnership and collaboration, the need for revisions further down the line are reduced.

Many projects fail because of poor communication. It’s important to understand that if you don’t keep clients in the loop projects tend to go off track. Likewise, companies who go off scope or try to implement technology that does not work with the current CMS end up frustrated.

None of this will happen if you and your TSP remain open and communicative. That’s why transparency saves time, money, and miscommunication.

Efficient and adaptable

Project governance makes it clear who needs to be in what meeting. As meetings are a huge drain on people’s time and energy, it’s important to streamline the process.

For that reason, having clear agendas that involve the right people eradicates unproductive status checks.

Partnering with a capable, robust, and solutions focused technology success partner means you have access to flexible and adaptable resources that offer greater efficiency and productivity. As we move into an increasingly digital world, it’s an invaluable partnership that pays for itself.

Stradiant offers professional Technology support for businesses in and around Austin, Texas.

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