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Managed IT Services: The 2021 Technology Solution for Your Business

Jan 22, 2021 | IT Services

Have you ever considered the benefits of managed IT services? If so, you might be a small to medium business that’s weathered the storm of the global pandemic. And, in order to transition to working from home and overcoming the various digital challenges it presents, relied on limited in-house IT support or outsourcing to meet your needs.

If this sounds familiar, it’s time to transition to a tech solution that takes your IT processes to the next level.
2021 is the year of transformation. And in an ever-changing economy, a managed IT service offers value through increased efficiency, security, and strategic tech planning. As a result, it allows you to focus on generating revenue and growing your business.
Stradiant is an industry expert in managed IT services and IT consultancy. As a result, they’ve seen how managed services can benefit businesses across a range of sectors such as Healthcare, Legal, Construction, Finance and Energy. Stradiant provides Austin-based businesses with quick, local, and personalized IT support.

Managed IT Services Offer Security Solutions

A managed IT service provider supplies the deep industry experience and tailored IT support that’s critical for business security. COVID-19 has accelerated a general trend towards home-working and, as a result, made up-to-date technical support with all the latest security solutions essential. Certainly, the home router is not nearly as secure as the office firewall.

Unfortunately, it’s unlikely that a small team of in-house IT employees can provide the breadth of industrial experience and security expertise that a dedicated managed IT service provider can. Not only that, but many businesses can no longer afford to staff in-house IT to perform ongoing monitoring. Therefore, as global businesses are rapidly transitioning towards working online, it pays to have the peace of mind a digital security experience offers.

Security breaches are costly and can slay companies in a single attack, regardless of any robust public relations strategy. In fact, according to a 2020 report by Verizon, forty-three per cent of cyberattacks are now aimed at small businesses. Even more worryingly, over half of all small businesses suffered a cyber-breach last year. Hiscox’s 2019 Cyber Readiness Report revealed that each cyber-attack sets a business back an average of $200,000.

Consequently, 60 per cent of small businesses fold as a result of a digital attack. To combat this, security awareness training aims to educate users on what to look for when bad actors attempt to deceive and wreak havoc on a business. By sourcing specialist and expert cybersecurity support, this training allows you to enjoy greater peace of mind. It also saves you significant potential costs.

Outsourcing vs. Managed IT Services

Although it can be tempting to outsource IT providers on a contract basis for short-term projects, consider looking for managed services that offer more sustainable options.
The reasons to do so are simple. A managed service provider is a long-term business relationship. Consequently, they take ownership of your technology, work with your team to develop the appropriate strategy and budget, and take the time to understand and document your entire IT infrastructure. This includes your specific needs, requirements and overall technology goals.

Managed IT services go beyond the narrow confines of specific project implementation and disaster recovery. They act as strategic partners by streamlining and managing all aspects of your technology – from infrastructure to vendor management; maintenance to upgrades. That’s why consulting for solutions and future planning is a part of the package.
The result? Decreased downtime and a reduction in costly outages.

This ongoing relationship caters to the needs and particular processes of your business – growing along with it. As a result, it’s a type of partnership that adapts as your business develops. So, although outsourcing might work well for short-term projects, it can never offer the kind of tailored support that’s based on long-term continuity and efficiency.

Tailored IT Solutions for Your Business

Managed IT services vary from business to business due to the need for tailored support. However, by working closely with CEOs, managed service providers like Stradiant soon understand an organization’s goals. Then, by aligning the technology with those goals, it can offer a company a bespoke solution with maximum efficiency.

Consequently, this in-depth understanding of an organization’s needs allows for proactive management of IT systems and processes, including the configuration and maintenance of those systems. There’s no off-the-peg, one-sized approach at play. Each solution needs to work for each organization.

Another benefit resulting from an in-depth understanding of your specific business needs is automation. Examples include automatic account creation, ordering and procurement, and incident logging.

Reducing Outages and Down-Time

Managed IT services offer increased efficiency. For example, automatic incident logging and ongoing service ticket inspections help facilitate root cause analysis, which quickly detects inefficiencies. There’s also scope to spot trends and patterns, then act as a result.
This is through:

• Implementing and maintaining security protocols and processes;
• Identifying employee training needs; and
• Offering unlimited helpdesk support for employees.

As a result, there’s a significant reduction in outages and downtime, while smaller issues are identified before they turn into bigger emergencies. That’s the result of effective, ongoing, day-to-day system management. Above all, it’s the longer-term nature of a managed IT service provider that enables a tailored and responsive approach, grounded in partnership-working.

Cost Savings: The Bottom Line

Sure, there’s a cost attached to any managed service provider. Contract pricing varies from business to business and industry to industry. However, pricing is typically based on the size of the company, the complexities of the business, and its unique compliance needs.

That said, managed IT services offer significant cost savings and efficiencies for most organizations. Hence the reason numerous companies offset their investment in a contract through the significant savings they make. Ultimately, cost-cutting comes from reduced downtime, increased productivity and, as a result, improved profits.

2021 calls for businesses to take the cyber-security threat seriously. Let Stradiant help you move your business towards a more stable future with streamlined managed IT services. It’s time for small to medium businesses to reap the benefits of efficiency savings, increased productivity, and greater security. In the current climate, it’s a smart business decision.

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