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We strive to give our clients Enterprise-grade support and managed IT solutions in Manor at affordable prices.

Our team has been providing expert IT Support for organizations in Manor, Texas since 2007. Time and experience have helped us establish best practices and operations procedures around a proactive approach designed to keep your focus on your business, not your technology.


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Our experts are prepared to function as your external IT department, taking care of concerns quickly, typically before you even find out about them. Covering everything from your network and servers, to your computers, workstations, and mobile devices, we offer comprehensive services for every one of your tech requirements.
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Minimize Downtime

Swift resolution leads to improved efficiency
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Infrastructure Protection

Keep your network and devices safe and secure
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Fewer Day-to-Day Problems

Proactive maintenance stops issues in general
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Business Continuity

Through backup and disaster recovery procedures and best practices

Managed IT Services We Offer in Manor

Business Phone Solutions

Uncover the right communications service for your distinct business requirements.

Data Backup & Restoration

Shield your crucial data with our comprehensive backup & restoration services.

IT Consultancy

Improve your business with our strategic IT insights and robust cybersecurity solutions.

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Streamline Your Operations?

Boost efficiency  and minimize downtime with our comprehensive managed IT services.

Reach out to our team today to discuss your unique needs and create customized IT solutions.
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What services can a managed service provider offer?
    A managed IT service provider can deliver an extensive set of services to streamline your company’s IT, such as:

    1. Proactive Monitoring and Maintenance: Continuous oversight of your IT infrastructure to prevent problems before they occur.
    2. Help Desk Assistance: Access to professional assistance for any technology-related inquiries or challenges.
    3. Cyber security Solutions: Defense against cyber risks with effective security measures including firewalls, antivirus software, and intrusion monitoring tools.
    4. Data Backup and Recovery: Ensuring your crucial data is consistently backed up and can be swiftly recovered in the event of of data loss or damage.
    5. Cloud Platform Management: Assistance with cloud service needs, such as transfers, integrations, and help.
    6. Network Design and Administration: Establishing efficient network infrastructure customized for your organization’s needs.

    Managed IT solutions are beneficial as they help reduce interruptions, improve operational performance, bolster data protection, and allow your team to focus on growing your business without the stress of handling complicated IT tasks.

    How are managed IT services different from conventional IT solutions?
    Managed IT services differ from traditional IT services in a number of important ways. Traditional IT support normally operates on a break-fix model, where services are provided when issues arise. This may lead to unexpected costs and downtime.

    In contrast, managed IT solutions embrace a hands-on approach, delivering continuous monitoring and maintenance to prevent troubles before they occur.

    Managed IT companies typically offer fixed, monthly pricing for thorough service that consists of cybersecurity defense, information backup solutions, cloud management, and help desk assistance. This system allows for more accurate financial planning and focuses on minimizing issues as opposed to just responding to them.

    How can managed IT solutions help my team remain concentrated on core business activities?
    Managed IT services provide a proactive strategy to technology management, helping ensure that your devices are continually up-to-date and operating properly.

    With round-the-clock monitoring, potential concerns can be identified and fixed before they escalate into serious issues, helping prevent downtime. This constant watchfulness means that software updates, security patches, and equipment maintenance are all cared for without interrupting your operations.

    With a managed service provider dealing with the technical details, you and your staff can focus on what you do best: driving your business forward. You’ll have comfort with the knowledge that professional technicians are safeguarding your infrastructure against cyber dangers and system failures. This thorough assistance not only improves efficiency but additionally enhances overall business continuity.

    Can managed IT services save my business money in the long run?
    By providing routine maintenance and proactive services, managed IT services can help minimize expensive downtime and data breaches that could greatly impact your company.

    Instead of unforeseen expenses caused by emergency services or security events, you’ll benefit from predictable pricing with a fixed monthly service fee.

    An additional advantage of teaming up with a managed IT company is you don’t have to invest heavily in an in-house IT team. This includes saving money on wages, training, and insurance for permanent IT staff. Plus, with professionals concentrated on keeping your systems secure and running reliably, you can avoid the financial setbacks related to cybercrime and data loss—which is crucial for maintaining your image and client trust.

    Why should I partner with Stradiant for managed IT solutions in Manor?
    At Stradiant, our dedicated team has provided reliable IT services and solutions for businesses across Manor and throughout Central Texas for nearly 20 years.

    We distinguish ourselves by putting in the time to understand your business on a deep level to ensure that we can offer solutions that resolve your unique challenges quickly and efficiently.

    Our friendly and approachable team focuses on eliminating IT concerns, enabling you to reduce expenses and focus on growing your organization. Our hands-on experience is demonstrated through our history of helping many organizations reduce their tech stresses.

    We’re passionate about IT and shine at finding solutions to make tangible improvements in your organization. Contact us today to let us know what you need and find out ways we can help.

    Ready to
    Streamline Your Business?

    Improve efficiency  and minimize downtime with our comprehensive managed IT services.
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