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The Benefits of Working With Managed IT Services Insights From Your Experts in Kyle Managed Services

Nov 27, 2023 | IT Services

Technology is an essential part of every company, regardless of the size. It helps to make business possible by generating valuable insights through data and increasing your staff’s work performance. Managed IT Service Providers ensure your technology infrastructure not only works but also protects your company from cyber threats.

Businesses often believe that using an in-house IT team is the only option to manage their network. However, that’s simply not true. Managed IT services provide expert assistance and support for your company. Using a Technology Success Partner for your business is an excellent move for companies both large and small.

What are Managed IT Services?

MSPs help make sure your technology applications and infrastructure are supporting your business goals and running as efficiently as possible. They will ensure your applications and data are secure and healthy as well as monitor your network around the clock. Engaging with a technology provider ensures that any IT issue can be found and fixed before it affects your customers or your business.

Besides protecting you from any security issues or problems, Managed IT Service companies can provide backup and recovery services.  Technology Success Partners are in place to relieve your staff of technology headaches. They will work with you to put in place a technology roadmap that aligns with your company goals.

Why Would a Company Use an MSP?

Any company that has to use technology to run their business will benefit from using a Managed IT services company. A good MSP will provide a customized technology road map that aligns with your business objectives. The ultimate benefit is to relieve your business of any technology threat or problem so that you can focus on bigger picture goals.


It is important for an MSP to get to know not only their clients but also their client’s industry.  Being a subject matter expert is now necessary as technology and compliance meet. At Stradiant we look at how your business operates.  As your Technology Success Partner we focus not only on technology but the results we can provide by enhancing your IT infrastructure.  On top of fixing network issues, we are able to give advice and recommendations on how to solve or manage processes better to increase productivity. Problems that frequently arise can often be fixed through a simple change to an existing procedure or by providing training.


Depending on your risk level your data and information can be exposed to competitors or stolen by hackers. This can lead to severe issues like identity theft or a customer data breach. It’s your responsibility to ensure that your system is in compliance. This means that your practices and procedures need to align to best protect your business and customers. A good MSP will focus on keeping your business compliant, our job is to worry about the tech so you don’t have to!

Cost Reduction

It’s important to familiarize yourself with various IT services and prices, as it can be easy to be taken advantage of. For example, one of our clients signed a three-year contract that was very expensive with an internet provider. When the contract was up, we were able to save them thousands of dollars per year by merely negotiating a better price for what the company needed.

It is also worth noting that not having the right IT team that understands your industry and your compliance obligations, can end up being very costly. When selecting an MSP ensure that they are familiar with your industry and understand your compliance obligations.

What Is Typically Included in Managed IT Services?

At Stradiant, we offer a wide variety of services to benefit your company.

  • Technology Support: People, hardware, and software all need to work in harmony to receive the most out of technology and increase productivity. We work to understand the goals and expectations a company has around their technology.  We do this to ensure the IT service we provide not only meets expectations but exceeds them.
  • Remote Monitoring and Maintenance: Your company network is monitored by us 24/7. We find and fix any issues with the help of early alerts before they become actual issues.
  • Comprehensive IT Support: We do routine checks to ensure your system is always working correctly. We use proven processes and standards in areas such as upgrades, performance monitoring, network monitoring, security risk mitigation, and help desk support. Simply put, we ensure your business is covered on every front.
  • Security Solutions: Cybersecurity issues and data breaches are common with the use of technology. We provide security solutions that help your business thrive and protect against any unwanted spam or hackers.
  • Help Desk with Experienced Technicians: We provide best in class help desk technical support so everyone in your company can feel confident that they’ll receive the answers to the problems they have when they need it. We are here to help your business run as efficiently as possible.

Benefits of Working with a Managed IT Service Provider

MSPs offer consistent and constant monitoring of your systems to prevent failure. Besides the wide range of services provided, there are additional benefits you’ll find working with a Managed IT Services company.

1. Security Awareness Training

As online hoaxes become more elaborate security awareness training for staff is becoming a necessity. Scams are a common issue with businesses that use technology.  Internet fraud unfortunately is here to stay with hackers coming up with new and shockingly innovative ways to steal from businesses. For example, new employees who are unfamiliar with company policy might fall victim to opening fake e-mails from their “boss” and following instructions such as spending hundreds of dollars or sharing secure information with a third party. With security awareness training, your employees won’t fall victim to these issues.

2. Consistent Cost

A major benefit to working with a technology success partner is a reduction in IT costs and having a transparent view of what you are paying for. Managed IT services are typically charged by the month, which can be easily factored into the overall company budget. MSPs typically provide repair and maintenance, which mitigates the risk of unexpected expenses. Using an MSP helps protect your budget and improves the stability of your business.

3. Proactive approach

We have heard horror stories of businesses falling victim to software and hardware failures. This not only affects staff productivity but hurts your bottom line! The cost to repair at speed and get a company back up and running can be significant.  It ultimately ends up being a lot more than having an MSP in place. It is recommended that you a cost-benefit analysis with a Managed Service Provider.

4. Low Downtime

Equipment issues can lead to serious downtime. Computers can malfunction, servers can fail, and electrical disruptions can occur. Managed IT services help set up backup systems and put processes in place to ensure there is always a way to continue business as usual, regardless of the issue.

5. Reliable Relationships

There are many benefits to having a long-term relationship with a Managed IT Services company. They will act as a partner for your team to assist with any technical issues and work with technology vendors to bridge gaps. As an MSP our goal is to ensure your tech works by being a crucial part of your business continuity plan.

6. 24/7 Support

Remote monitoring ensures that your systems are continually being scanned. If something goes wrong in the middle of the night, our team are already aware and working on the issue. Having constant support helps to mitigate effects on your day-to-day business.

Managed Service Providers in Kyle – How Stradiant Can Help

At Stradiant, we love to help solve challenges, and we offer proactive care, 24/7 maintenance, Kyle managed IT, and the help desk support your organization needs. If you’re looking for a friendly and approachable team to help with your technology and ensure business continuity, look no further. We’re here to streamline your technology and prevent and resolve IT issues so you and your team can stay productive.

Contact the Stradiant team to discuss your business and technology strategy today!

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