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IT Services in Austin Empowering Businesses Online

May 11, 2021 | IT Services

We live in a digital-first world, and IT support is becoming one of the most valuable departments in any business. Austin, in particular, is widely recognized for its entrepreneurial streak and consistently ranks top of American City Business Journal’s Small Business Vitality index. With the majority of these million-dollar firms fitting into the small business category, a lot of companies are searching for ways to save time and money while increasing their profit margins. (1)

Plus, with more businesses than ever before taking their products and services online in response to the global pandemic, if you own an e-commerce site, you should seriously consider outsourcing IT support and invest in professionally managed IT services in Austin. Helping to empower businesses online, let’s take a look at why many companies across the state are now choosing to outsource IT over hiring an in-house department. 

Managed IT Services Austin 

Technology is rapidly evolving, and while entrepreneurs are working hard to develop new concepts, products, and business ideas, high-quality IT support is in high demand. Since online shopping is now the new norm, if you’re hoping to make your business venture a success, you’ll need a team of experienced IT professionals at your fingertips. Should anything go wrong with your site, email database or hosting service, you’ll need help online and fast!

Being able to contact IT support for both minor technical concerns and major meltdowns online, helps you to feel more confident and in control when managing an online company, selling software as a service, or trading online. Whether you need IT support to install new software or establish an email spam filter across your entire team, contact Stradiant for managed IT services in Austin.

Benefits Of Outsourcing IT Support

But, why is outsourcing IT services in Austin a better choice than hiring your own internal team? Well, let’s explore the benefits of outsourcing IT while running your own business.

Prevent Cybercrime

Unfortunately, cybercrime is a major concern for online companies. In fact, in December 2020, online criminals working on behalf of the Russian government targeted a software company in Austin, Texas. SolarWinds became a victim of a supply chain attack that compromised updates for the company’s Orion IT management platform. (2) Should your company suffer a cyberattack, having experienced IT professionals ready to help and resolve any issues and damage caused is essential.

Hosting & IT Support 

Outsourced managed IT services in Austin can also help you save a significant amount of time when it comes to running a business. Rather than having to train and manage an internal team, simply hire and outsource IT to save your company valuable time and resources. Finding highly experienced IT professionals can be challenging and take up a large amount of your time, not to mention the cost of hiring an entire team just for your company. So, instead, outsource IT support to unlock an entire team of IT experts with a wealth of knowledge in a variety of IT services.

Importance Of Implementing An IT Strategy

Apart from outsourcing IT support, you also need to implement an IT strategy in order to thrive. Many companies still rely on multiple processes that could easily be optimized using an effective IT plan. From using an integrated customer retention system that works in collaboration with your sales and marketing strategies to a content management system that compliments an email campaign, there are many ways to maximize your digital marketing efforts through IT techniques and tips.

Here are 3 top tips from Stradiant to create an effective IT strategy:

 1: With the rise of remote work, consider whether you need to invest in IT solutions to make working from home both safe and practical for your team. This can include remotely accessing your work desktop from a computer at home and moving workflows online using applications that can share data using cloud-based services for example.

 2: Establish a hierarchy system within your team with help from Stradiant to safeguard sensitive data. Only grant access to certain files and business information based on the level and need of each department and employee. This helps protect your company and customer data.

 3: Implement a regular routine to carry out virus scans, investigations, and backup files and data. Create a system redundancy to safeguard your entire business against IT system failures, cyberattacks, and accidental damage. A redundancy will allow you to get back to business easily and instantly should you run into severe IT issues.

For professionally managed IT services in Austin, feel free to contact our team at Stradiant now.




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